Monday, June 20, 2011

A Blog fest: Top Five Books

A Writer's Journey is having a favorite book challenge blogfest.  Check it out here.  

Here are the rules.

1. Pick your top five favorite books
2.      Between Jun 20 and 22, write one line of what each book is about and then write one line of why you liked it. Think of it like a twitter pitch for other people’s work. Semi-colons are cheating, but you can use them anyway.
3.      Go to other blogs and discuss the books.
4.      If you do not keep a blog, put your challenge in the comments on the day of the event.

Warning: I am not very good at writing pitches. But here it goes anyway. It was hard to chose just five. I've been blessed and have enjoyed most of the books I've read. I chose these because I read them more than once. 

This book was read to me in fifth grade by my teacher. I might not remember the pitch exactly, but here goes...
  A story about a bunch of lab rats as they help Mrs. Frisby move her ill son somewhere. (Horrible I know.) 

Artemis Entreri, a bad-guy to die for, finds himself in trouble with Jarlaxle, a drow warrior who keeps leading them to places they have to fight out of.

This is the second book of a trilogy. Artemis Entreri is a bad guy whose story intrigues me, and I keep wondering when Jarlaxle will finally get him killed.

After surviving murders in their hometown as children, the children, now adults, come together to challenge the beast when people begin turning up dead.

It scared me into the world of horror and I've never looked back.

After her father dies, Hastings is forced into a union with Severin only to lose her name and her heart. (Cheesy, yes I know.)

I liked it because Hastings is a strong woman and challenges Severin repeatedly before finally losing her heart.

Harry potter finally finds out the link between him and Voldemort and it almost costs him his soul.

This is my favorite of the series because HP finally learns the truth.

And there you have it...The good, the bad, and the badly worded.


  1. IT is one of my favorite Stephen Kings...And I love Historical, so I've read/listened to a lot of Catherine Coulter.

  2. I have yet to read anything from the Harry Potter series--not overly enthusiastic about doing so but maybe someday. I need to read It--I think I have it here in the house somewhere. I never heard of your other choices.

    Tossing It Out

  3. You did a very good job!! (compared to me)!!

    Harry Potter is surely my favorite!!

    with warm regards
    Another Author

  4. The only one of these I've read is the Harry Potter, so I'll have to look into the others.

    I love a good cheesy romance.

  5. Thanks for your comments. Love the growing reading list.

  6. I've never read the Rats of NIHM, but I absolutely loved the movie as a child... maybe I'll need to pick up a copy and read it to my own children :)

  7. Loved your reviews - love the diversity too. HP is my all-time favorite - I've read them all several times!

    P.S. I'm a new follower :)

  8. Great Kim, I hope they enjoy it.

    Thanks Gwen for the comment and for following. Loved your picks too!

  9. Great list. I've read Harry Potter and the Rats of Nihm. The movie Rats of Nihm was my favorite growing up. The other books sound great and I've never heard of them. I keep saying it, this is such a cool way to find new books.

  10. Harry is always good - will check out the rest though. :)

  11. I haven't read any of them...I have some reading to catch up on!

  12. Choosing just 5 really was the hardest part of this challenge, wasn't it. :-)

    I loved Harry Potter - all of them, actually, and I liked IT as well. I haven't read the other 3, but they look interesting.

    Thanks for the recommendations! :-)

  13. It was hard to chose just five. Thanks for your comments.

  14. Added a few from your list to my TBR list :)

  15. Awesome. I hope you enjoy 'em.

  16. I've not read IT, but I have read The Green Mile and loved it - looking forward to reading other Stephen King books in the future.

  17. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix made my list too. And it's also my favorite of the series.

  18. Except for Harry i haven't heard of a lot of these. :) Will have to revise the to be read list.

  19. I love King. At least the old King. I haven't read any of his recent work.

    MJ and JO thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the reads.

  20. I chose HP #3 for one of my five books. ^_^ I like it because we first learn about Sirius Black and learn about The Marauders.

    It sounds really intense but for some twisted reason I am very drawn to it. I'll have to look it up.


  21. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for your comment.


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