Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 day plan

Hiya!  I hope you can join me in the epic disaster creativity that awaits.

I will do the following in the month of June:

  • Create a scrapbook page
  • plant a garden/pot
  • Do a character collage
  • Finger painting
  • Write a short story
  • Guitar lesson 1 - 2 and 3
  • Make paper jewelry
  • Recycle costume jewelry by creating something. It's a surprise.
  • and Celebrate!!! 

I know it's technically not 30 items, but I want to be realistic here and some things on this list will take more than a day, or two, to finish.

Because the first day of something new is always the most exciting, I created a picture frame. Not just any picture frame, but a picture frame to remind me that I only need to visualize whatever fits inside the frame when I write. It is through these small framed connections that a story is written.  I borrowed the idea from Anne Lamott.

So here it is...unveiled.  I also attached a link to the youtube video I used as inspiration.

The boarder is held together by popsicle sticks and decorated with tightly wound stips of magazine paper.
I chose a random scene, which can be changed, to remind me that there is something there.

This pic was my attempt at a close up. I added small gems in the middle of the wound strips.

Okay, I admit that this took me longer than anticipated, and I had help from my son. The others WILL NOT be as stressful   time consuming.  The idea is to have fun! 


  1. What a cool craft idea! Seriously, I wish my toddler was a little older just so we could make these together. And I love your list (you'll have to let me know how the guitar lessons go--I've been contemplating piano lessons, but am slightly intimidated because I'll be an older learner). Sounds like a fun-packed June!

  2. It's beautiful! You amaze me. With everything you do, I can't believe you found time to make this. =)

  3. Thanks Jez. Yeah, I have a guitar there, so I might as well. My 2 year old helped. Well, she actually just cut strips and used lots of glue. LOL. My son helped.

    Thanks Anita. I try to stay busy so I don't have to think of all that I gotta do. LOL.

    Thanks again!

  4. Ah you're so much fun! Made me laugh, inspired me, and I am not doing anything this creative. In fact my goal for June is to live the RockStar life. Yup, waste away my days, check in with my screaming fans, and work my gig all night. hehe

  5. Yeah, my rockstar dreams flew out the window when I had four kids. Now I'm the groupie. =)


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