Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fueling the imagination

Ideas come from you, the writer. You are the creator of the universe. But where do the ideas generate? Our fears, hopes, past?  All of our life experiences?

Cherish these memories. Get a hold of it and don't let go. The good and the bad. Having survived childhood, we have more than enough stories to tell. Believe it. Own it. Harvest it and share it with the world.

Generate a word list of things that pop in your head. Don't try to make sense of it now. Let your sub-conscience guide you. This list is your well of ideas waiting to be told. And told in your own way, your own voice. All you have to do is listen and write. 

My word list:

The Attic      The dead guy        The skunk       The chest         The burned girl     The drunk

In each of these nouns there's a discovery waiting to be found. A discover that begins with me. All I have to do is write.

How awesome is that?

Exercise taken from Ray Bradbury's Zen in the Art of Writing


  1. That is a great idea. What a list you made! My mind is wandering already...

  2. Thanks. The list is ever evolving. ☺

  3. Inspiring blog. I recently started
    a title list for short stories.

  4. Awesome shauna! I started on one of the ideas above and it was a great experience.


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