Monday, April 4, 2011

Funders don’t fund passion

Working in the not-for-profit sector, Grants are our bread and butter. Federal grants, state grants, corporate and foundation grants all add up to $$ that keep social service agencies afloat. While attending a grant writing session, I couldn’t help to notice how grant writing is similar to query writing. In both, you have to convince someone else that your project will garner outcomes. You need to convince them that you, or your organization, are worth the effort and the investment. And the one thing the workshop presenter made sure to emphasize is that funders don’t fund passion.

You can bind passion within a two hundred page document or a twelve page document; you can argue that your story/organization is worth the investment because you will work hard, you believe in the work, you are passionate, but in the end you have to show them something more.


  1. Great post--I agree. I've worked for grantmaking foundations and one government agency and, while solid writing skills definitely help a grant, we really had to have concrete evidence that people were behind the idea and the support was there to carry it through :)


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