Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Round-up

Another critique site info presented through fiction groupie...

Cut or add words?  TalktoyoUniverse 

Be careful of using the www as a public diary...I cringe when I read some stuff that probably shouldn't be out there. The clip below is one of 'em.  Query Tracker. 

And a special insight to the craziness that inspires me...

I have three boys and they are gamers.  This clip is hilarious. I think it shows that not everyone is of sane mind, and not everyone gets the same impression of what is out there. Does that make sense?  Probably not, but here it goes.  Watch the clip and the heck is my stuff interpreted by the masses?


  1. Hey, haven't visited in a while because of the mad blogging challenge I've been participating in. Watched the trailer. Liked the unusual singing/narration that went along with the action. :D

  2. Yeah, Love your food tips too! As for the clip, I know, I need a life. ☺


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