Monday, March 28, 2011

Writing goals...yet again

Great suggestion when trying to set those writing goals:
  • schedule yourself for short lengths: 250-500 words/1hour a day, or whatever works for you.
  • Allow yourself to write shitty first drafts.
 I can go on and on on the time factor, or lack thereof. If you are waiting for more time to pop up somewhere in your busy schedule, sorry to say, but it's not going to happen. And that's okay. You need to prioritize what works for you. Think about how you're going to feel in let's say two years from now. Are you going to regret you didn't write for an hour a day?

And we all write shitty first drafts. It's within those first pages that we begin to mold our stories and find our way to greatness.

Oops, I forgot to put my answer to my lie. Well, the answer is I can cook. Well, that's not entirely  true. I can cook, just not very well.  I'm working on it. ☺  As for the groupie thing. It wasn't by choice. It's part of the growing pains of having three older sisters. ☺


  1. Great advice on goal-setting! My problems come in when unexpected things happen, like my little one's naptime being nonexistent due to fussiness or something like that. I want to know what band you were a groupie of :)

  2. I tried this and found my best word count for a daily writing goal is somewhere between 5 and 10 words. Set them sights low! :-)

  3. You would ask that. LOL.

    I was in a fan club called Menudo's Muñecas(Menudo's Dolls translated in English). Menudo was a Latin band. Does Ricky Martin ring a bell? LOL. I guess they weren't technically a band. Something like N'Sync or Backstreet Boys. Anyway, we came out in some teen magazine in the mid/late 80's. ☺

    Shh, don't tell anyone.

  4. One great sentence at a time, Tony! That always works.

  5. Allowing myself to accept a shitty first draft is what let me start writing my manuscript. It's so important to not be afraid of writing crap. We can fix it later!

  6. I agree Hanny. I live for writing Crap, that's the fun part. LOL. Thanks for your comment.


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