Saturday, March 5, 2011

Touch the life of one, save a thousand

I try to keep my day job out of my life quest for publication and public life here but... I, along side an amazing group of individuals, have been organizing an event that will bring together 110 youth from high schools experiencing large drop-out rates. The purpose of the event is to bring professionals out to talk about their personal success stories in an effort to bring awareness of the potential for excellence from everyone who seeks to attain it-- Regardless of background, level of education, life experience. The future is, after all, theirs.

This is the first time my organization has ventured into this and I am so excited by the community response. ALL of our sponsor have been individuals and community service organizations. Almost seems like stealing from Peter to pay Paul; we have no corporate sponsors.  Not by choice, but other reasons. Anyway, I pray that the teens will show up, that the professionals will show up, that the Keynote speaker will show up. I will be there. And if we touch the life of one, we can save a thousand.

Okay, I changed the phrase from the movie Wanted (sorta). But hey, if it works...

Wish me luck and I'll report back on Wednesday!


  1. Good luck! It sounds like a really great event. And I'm sure you'll touch much more than one life. Have a great time.

  2. I'm hoping your event will be a success. Keep us posted.


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