Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My aha moment

I began writing at the ripe old age of fourteen in an effort to get away from the world. I was destined for greatness within the pages of the world I created. I was the master of my universe.  In control of everything. Whenever I wrote, I would lock myself away inside and for that moment the world was at peace. There was no fighting, no loneliness, no expectations, just my characters, the world I created, and me. I thought I was preparing myself to hide from the world. 

But I was wrong.

Writing requires opening all of our senses to the world. To make sure our window to the world is clean so that we can capture the vivid greens of summer, the fire reds of autumn, the tangy scents of spring. We need to be aware of the world and other people. How people speak, what they wear, how they gesture, what is happening in the world around us so that we can depict a reality within the scope of our vision, of the writer's world. Of my world. 

Again, a wonderful insight from Anne Lamott. You may think, duh, yeah. But for me, this was my Aha moment. It made me realize that writing didn't take me away from the world, but showed me that it was okay to feel. To be. And that is an awesome mindset.

When was your last aha moment?  Would you like to share?


  1. Being a writer is anything but hiding. And when you get published and start having to promote your stuff - oh man are you out there.

  2. I don't have anything to share, but wanted to say that this is a lovely post, and a great way to start my morning. Thanks!

  3. LM, I gotta work my way there. LOL.

    Thanks Jess!

  4. I've had a few mini aha moments.. one of them was realizing that I don't have to stick to any of the "Writing rules" and that I can do my own thing and people will still enjoy it. I don't have to be as talented as another writer, or write the same way they do. I can just be me and write how I want to.

  5. Cheyanne, that is so true it drives me nuts sometimes. Awesome mindset. Thanks for sharing.


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