Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Round-up

Happy Friday! Again! Lots of good stuff out there. Enjoy!

Though I'm not a genre is a link through Mandy Hubbard's blog about top sells in 2010.

Heres a great post on not confusing readers with your character names by KM Weiland. I admit, I have to do a sweep of names during revisions 'cause I tend to start them with the same letter. I'm working on that.

I'm always looking out for ideas to balance my life. Here's one on balancing life with blogging.  More on Balance by Nathan Bransford.

I'm still getting my feet wet on tweeting. Here's a great post on strategizing for authors by Alan Rinzler.

Fiction Groupie has a post on Writer's Woes and a list of books to cure them. Great stuff!


  1. Thanks for the link round up. i don't read Nathan Bransford's blog enough anymore. :-)

  2. Hi,

    I gave you an award on my blog today. Thanks, as usual, for the round up.

  3. No problem. Thanks J.L. I gotta go check it out!


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