Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Never say Never...the digital age

I admit, I never thought I'd get one. But I did and I love it! I've been reading like a mad woman since December, 'cause it's easier to take along...especially around the house.

While I'm cooking: I read, set it down to add some ingredients, and go back and my page hasn't moved.

Laundry: I read, set it down while I take clothes out of the washer to toss in the dryer and go back and my page hasn't moved. I tried doing that with a book and um, when I go back my two year old daughter has already snatched my book mark, or snatched the book mark and proceeds to tear the pages out of my book...ouch!   For some reason the e-reader doesn't look as enticing to her.

And I love those free downloads. I've read some awesome books I wouldn't have read had they not been offered for free. Even genre's I wouldn't normally read. The experience has been great.  I also downloaded my work in progress to do revisions and edits. I like the feel of reading it as if it were a real book and I can catch more errors that way. 

I haven't totally converted to electronic only. I don't think I ever will. I still enjoy holding the book and turning the pages while I read. I also noticed that for some reason the formatting gets all screwed up in the e-reader. It's not as visually appealing.  But it serves its purpose. I would definitely recommend getting one.  

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  1. Oh! Same here! I never thought I'd like one, but since December - I've read over 10 books on it. Sooo easy to read, hold, buy new releases. Just love it!


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