Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Round-up

Here are some awesome posts I found this week.  Thanks everyone for the encouragement to keep moving forward!

The 5 (maybe 6) stages of revisions from The League of Extraordinary Writers by Angie Smibert
This one cracked me up because of how true it is.
For a bit of a reality check: Lies that you believe by The Literary Lab blog. Sometimes we need  a reminder.
I'm a visual learner. Here are some wonderful visuals from a Dribble of Ink
This was interesting...Grants for writers.  Check it out
Because I'm all for other people doing my research...My Inner Fairy has a great list of where to submit your shorts. Here. 
And because bull-shit can only get you so far, here's a great post on knowing where your words come from and if they existed in the time period you are writing. Here.
And finally, thanks to Twitter (I just got an account and I feel like an eavesdropper) I found Lilith Saintcrow's awesome kick-ass blog. Lilith is the author of Night Shift, which is an awesome book if you like to read about chicks who can kick ass and then some.  Check her out here.
I hope this helps! Enjoy!


  1. Thanks. Checked out the etymology post already. This is part of the reason why I admire those who write historical fiction. You have to be into research and be so careful to have all the accurate detail/styles/words, etc.

  2. Thanks for the link to my blog! I find etymology is useful for any genre. My book is actually a fantasy, which calls for just as much research as any!
    Glad the post was helpful. I'll be poking my nose around your blog now :D

  3. Me too J.L. The ms i'm revising is set in the 15th century.

    Thanks for stopping by Martinelli.

  4. Very cool, thanks for the links. :-)


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