Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You look how I feel...

Character descriptions are influenced by your POV character.

Some things to consider

  • What mood is your POV character in?
  • How does your POV character feel (emotion) about who he's describing? Love, angry, fear, dislike?
  • How old is your POV character?
  • What is the relationship between your POV character and whomever he is describing? Mom, dad, brother, sister, friend?
  • How close or far is your POV character to whomever he is describing? (Proximity)
  • Is your POV character drawn to a certain attribute in others? Hair, nails, accents, eye color etc.
What description you choose to provide the reader shows a lot about the character. Use it wisely and sparingly.  Jana Hutcheson provided great info on facial descriptions here.

Any other consideration I might have missed?


  1. Good questions which should help round out scenes on the edits.

  2. Ideally, LOL.

    Thanks for the comment.


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