Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you are the MC

I started writing when I was about fourteen. I wrote as a way to get out of the "real" world. Though I believed I was adopted.  I couldn't belong to this family. My real family lost me and they were rich and famous and I was someone important.  I often "saw" myself doing something extraordinary at school. Being attacked by a bunch of dark clothed, sword swinging, ninjas who were after me because I had a secret that they wanted. In front of all the school, I'd slash, kick, somersault, and beat the crap out of those ninjas and save the day. 

Yeah, didn't happen. But that was my "reality" at times. 

And yet, at fourteen sitting behind a makeshift desk with my large orange Reed typewriter that vibrated and hummed louder than my old air conditioning unit, I was drawn back to the real. Every story I wrote, started with a real part of me. My family. My raw emotions bleeding on the page, before I managed to break away from it and venture into a fantasy world.

I realized I was always telling my story. Whether hunted by evil magicians for my innate ability to rule the world, or walking on stage garbed in my graduation robe, accepting my diploma while my dad was at work.  It was who I was on the page.

I think most of you great, awesome people reading this can probably relate to a piece of this story.  It's where the reality meets the imagination. It's putting ourselves out there, transparent, raw, for all to see. Writing is sharing a piece of yourself with the world. Whether the world is a niece, a son, a husband, it doesn't matter.   

And while my work is out there for agents to read, to judge, to try to figure out if its marketable, at the end of the day I remember that the ninjas are waiting and the world needs me to save it.


  1. Beautiful. As a writer, it's hard not to put a little bit of yourself into your characters.

  2. John Elway hasn't admitted that he's my real father yet either.
    I definitely find myself writing from my own personal life quite a bit, even when I'm not trying too. That's what having your own voice means, I think.

  3. Thanks Heather. It is hard to seperate our voice on the page.

    Hanny, LOL. I agree about voice. It's what makes us different and awesome!!

    Thanks for your comments.


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