Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Perfect...not a chance

No one is perfect. Nope. Not even me. It is what breaks the mold, what gives us voice. Yes...the flawed character is a part of me, you, and everyone around us. The list below has been my observation/interpretation of the flawed character.

The twitch/itch--the person who seems to be battling an itch within, or worse is scratching parts that should not be handled without gloves.

The word repeater--"I went to the store and like this cute guy was there and like he looked at me and like smiled."  This is still speech by our young people, even some, ahem, older ones when around young people.

The "that happened to me, too"--This one has been through it all and forbid she should let you vent in peace.

The know it all--This one lives for the day to say "I told you so."

The sickling--This person is always dying, though comes home from the doctor with a clean bill of health. Death is imminent.

The "I can fix it" but in back of your mind your thinking, please, let him let it go and call a plumber.

The shy one who can't seem to make eye contact with anyone and is ready to bolt when the group reaches three. kind to this person.

The emotionally compromised character-- Scars left by Trauma, Love, Battle.

The list can go on and on.

Remember, balance is key when creating your characters.   What other flaws can you think of?


  1. I love imperfections in characters. They are the best parts, sometimes.

  2. Thanks. I too love the quirky character. Makes me feel better. LOL


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