Monday, January 31, 2011

Me time

Already the first month of the year and all the great ideas I had for the New Year has been stagnant.
    My Schedule—out the window with writing, organization and everything else that requires time.

I realized that I didn’t allow myself time for me. For some reason, I like the torture of ignoring how I feel. I tend to think that by ignoring it and keeping a positive mindset the universe will align itself right by me…um, not a chance. 

There needs to be some sort of release of all that negative energy.  I realized a few things about myself. The major one being that I can’t write anything new while I’m submitting queries to agents. My mind is slush and I need to regroup. And you know what…that’s perfectly okay.

So I’m giving myself permission to cry, eat chocolate, sleep, clean, and accept my emotional rollercoaster of life.  

Okay…chick flick time. You knew this was coming.  Here are a few of my favorites.

                Julie and Julia—I actually just saw this one and it inspired me to be different. 
To finish what I start.

                Steel Magnolias—this one allows me to cry.  I always cry buckets when
 I watch this and feel drained.

My Sister’s Keeper –Reminds me what’s important in life.

What are some of your chick flick favorites and why?


  1. Hey Elizabeth, you definitely need to make time for you. I know it's hard to do when we have a million things on our plates, but it's so important. Hang in there. Go ahead, eat some chocolate and watch a movie or two but then, jump right back in. You have what it takes to be successful. Have a super week, Buffy

  2. Giving yourself permission is the first step to recovery. LOL

    Seriously, I'm a firm believer when it feels like nothing is happening to you that's when everything is happening to you. I'm in the same boat you are, right now. Lots tread those waters together, cyberly speaking of course.

  3. Does "As Good as it Gets" count as a chick flick? I love that movie! It has great characters and the perfect balance of sad, happy, and funny.

  4. Heather, Maybe chick flicks is not the right term. I um, may be past my "chick" phase. LOL.

    Thanks Sherri and Buffy...It does help to hear it from someone else sometimes.

    Thanks again!

  5. Haha! Sorry, can't comment on the movies, but I think that maybe this is a good time for you to take up a sport or martial art. Exercise does wonders for focus and energy. When my back recovers I'm planning on taking Muay Thai classes.

  6. Hmm...good suggestion Hanny. My treadmill is collecting dust.



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