Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Easy Life

Where can I find one of these!!  One that actually works.  Just imagine...laundry,  work, writing...anything you can think of, easy at the press of a button.

Just imagine if life were that easy. Not having to work for anything, being completely perfect, no challenges, no stress, no needs, no wants, no one nagging, nothing...just you.

Okay, that doesn't sound too good. I mean, really, what would we be doing all day if not stressing out, scrambling with the kids, writing, doing housework, volunteer work, did I mention housework?

I would cease to exist. It is who I am--All my strengths and All my weaknesses.  And you know what, it's not bad at all.
So before pressing that easy button, okay, maybe once in a while it's okay, think about it all gone and then wonder what life would be like. Silent.

What would you press the easy button to?


  1. Good post! I still wouldn't mind a personal chef, though.

  2. having it too easy sounds a little like Matched, a good book I read recently where all your choices were made for you, including your mate - not a choice I'd like to leave to anyone else. But I'd take an easy button for meals since I hate to cook.

  3. Yeah, I could cook it just doesn't come out the way it's suppose to. LOL. Thanks for your comments


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