Saturday, December 11, 2010

She could be me...

One thing I love about writing is breaking the character mold and drawing my characters from the real and not real. They are the good and bad of everyone I've met and not met. They are a compliation of memories real and not real. They are the best and worst of me.

I cringe when someone asks...did you use me as a character in your book?  or will you use me in a character in your book?

I'm thinking...really, you want me to draw out the best and worst of the fiction you?  Um...please don't. I don't think you'll like what you read. Afterall, the mundane is something writers avoid.

Where do your characters come from?


  1. you should just reply, "How do you know I haven't already?"

  2. My characters do come a lot from people that I've met. Maybe not who they really are, but the caricatures of them that leave their mark in my mind. That, and all the voices...

  3. exposing the worst in a character based on a real person makes me think of a line from A Knight's Tale where Chaucer says, "i'll eviscerate you in fiction. i was naked for a day. you'll be naked for eternity." (or something like that.)

    my characters? sometimes i get an idea of what someone might be like just from a picture. usually, they come from parts of me--although, the main male character in my current novel has a personality that's like my middle son's, so when i wonder how he would react, i think of Josh.

  4. LOL. Love your responses.

    Kyle: I should keep them guessing.

    Hanny: voices? I gotta keep 'em all straight in my head.

    Michelle: I love what Chaucer said. That is soooo true. Makes me think about the real purpose of why I write. LOL.

  5. My characters are pieces of people I know, grew up with, observed at random and some I completely made up.

  6. Nice post. I have this happen sometimes. I usually avoid telling people I am a writer to not hear those questions.

    It sounds narcissistic but I put a lot of me in my characters. Either into their background, mannerisms, or speech patters. Sometimes they get a little more sometimes just a life story that becomes theirs.

    I was hoping to see your query letter up today, it is the 12th. . .

    Will continue to check for it.


  7. Thanks LM
    Jodi, I too see myself in the characters. But then they take a life on their own. Thanks for commenting.


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