Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner

Photo of me and Hilary Wagner during her reading of Nightshade City
Yes!  Here in Chicago!  Woohoo!

Awesome experience and I got a signed copy! 
Check out Hilary's blog here.


  1. Elizabeth!!! It was soooo great meeting you today! I had so much fun and was so honored you came to see me! I'm going to put this picture on my blog too!!!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :):):):):)

    xoxo -- Hilary

  2. Wow!!! How cool!!! I just saw Hilary post this on facebook and had to stop by and see for myself!

    What an awesome experience! I'm just a happy new follower because of it!

  3. It was my pleasure too, Hilary! The whole event was awesome. I can't wait to read the book.

    Hi Jen, I'm usually not a stalker LOL. Promise. I had to jump at the chance expecially since the event was so close to home and I've heard such wonderful things about the book.


  4. Found you by way of Hillary's to see author's supporting authors! Happy to be a new follower!


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