Sunday, November 14, 2010

The nature of chaos

Neglecting any aspect of your life results in chaos.

Imagine what happens to your health when you refuse to take care of your body, or what happens to your relationships if you choose not take care of your family or friends. When you neglect any aspect of your life, it results in not only a depreciation in that aspect of your life, but sometimes it results in a irreversible detriment.

And so we must learn to cherish and care for what we have, to tend to all aspects of our lives.

Health              Appearance            Family               Friends        

Relationship             Fun    Home        Money     Career

Service    Personal Development             Spiritual Development

But chaos is not always a bad thing. It is how we see the light…so to speak. It may be why people find enlightenment when they’ve encountered darkness, when people come together in times of despair.

I've stopped trying to make sense of the chaos in my life. I simply live and care for what matters most.


  1. The trick I have found is making a priority list and share your time through the percentage or ratio of your priority list. We will never satisfy everyone but we can at least satisfy our sense of right. Love the piece

  2. So true. Balance, balance. A friend of mine told me once that "if you don't take care of yourself, no one will". When we take responsibility for ourselves, we are grown up enough to be like a kid again! Thank you, appreciated this piece.

  3. Hi Biola, and I love making lists. That will work for me.

    Hi Basque-Land, I have to remind myself to take care of me. It is often left by the wayside, but you are correct on that one.



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