Monday, November 29, 2010

Life's Challenges

And finally…I’ve left the best for last in the series of Inspiring Change for November—overcoming challenges.

We all have our own way in which we overcome, sidestep and/or simply ignore challenges in our lives.

Some of us indulge in other things that make us feel better. Chocolate comes to mind. But then following that thought comes the bulging middle. However we chose to face our challenges (even when we ignore them), there are consequences. At risk of sounding like my mother when I was fifteen and ready to burst with indecision and give up on life…a bit melodramatic, yes, but I was fifteen. Who isn’t a drama queen/king at fifteen? Here is what I learned along life’s path.

Challenges help us grow.
Challenges help us learn.
Challenges help us believe.
Challenges help us prioritize.
Challenges help us find peace.

Besides, what do you know for sure? Oprah asked this question to various people in the November 2008 issue of the O Magazine. This question stumped me. What do I know for sure? My first answer was death and taxes, but even that is uncertain. We don’t know what happens when we die, and taxes, well, I won’t even touch that one.

I know that life cannot be ignored. I no longer try to hide from it, to question it, or to understand its intricate design for me, for that would mean living in a past I cannot change and attempt to gain insight into a future not yet realized. I have learned to live in the moment. I am certain that this moment exists.

So, I now pose the question to you. What do you know for sure?
If you need more space, please feel free to write a post on your blog answering this question and leave a link so I can follow.


  1. Eek! You do ask a hard question. I need to think about it for a while.

  2. That love is the most amazing thing there is ;) Other than that - nothing. And I kinda like it that way!

  3. Ooh, touch question. I guess the one thing I know is that I'm a fighter and will keep on moving forward--maybe because I'm a stubborn little runt. *shrug* Keeps me going, though. Nice post.

  4. Hmm. What do I know for sure? That I love writing. I'll start with that!

  5. Hey Deb, I know how you feel.

    Marieke--that made me smile. You are so on the mark with that one.

    Sherri--being stubborn is a good thing, especially when you're right. Moving forward is always a good thing. Something to look forward to.

    Lydia-Love is amazing.

    Thanks for your comments.

  6. Interesting question.

    I know for sure that life is a gift we should charish during both the good and bad.

    We only get this ride once, so we better enjoy it. (Okay, I don't know that for sure. We may get to do it mor than once, but why take that chance. Enjoy Life!)

  7. Oh, tough question but I have to go with love and my family. I know I'll always love them and they'll always be there for me.

  8. That a dog is the only creature that loves you more than he loves himself. I love that quote.

  9. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

  10. Thanks everyone. It's good to think on the positive side.

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