Saturday, October 16, 2010

Revisions: round one

I've completed my third manuscript...woohooo!  It is a good feeling. I'm letting it simmer while preparing for revisions.  Some things I look for in the first round of revisions:

  1. Opening scene--Does the first sentence, paragraph and scene hook the reader? Does it create tension? Spark interest in character, setting and tone?  Could it be considered an info. dump? Too much backstory? Too many characters? Am I writing too fast?
  2. Middles--Have I developed my characters enough? Do I have enough scenes showing my characters in action? Am I moving my plot forward? Does every scene and chapter have a purpose? Are stakes high enough and believable?
  3. Endings--Does everything connect? Have I foreshadowed things accurately? Is there enough of a shock and awe factor for readers?
 Anything I should add?


  1. Once I've finished a manuscript I like to set it aside for a while, too. By the time I come back to it I have a different persepective and often see things I wouldn't have before, incuding typos that I missed the first 800 times I went through it :)

    congrats on reaching this stage!

  2. Me to! I finish it and put it away for a few weeks while I work on a new wip or beta for another author. When I pick it back up, I do one edit on the computer and print out chapters to read while at my kids sports practice. I love my red pen :-D Great first past list. I also have a checklist of bad habbits I have in my writing and that's the first thing I attack.

  3. Typos...yeah. I stopped using the spellchecker on Word. Not a good way to sweep through a gazillion words.

    Ahh...the dreaded red pen. I leave that little sucker for last.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Congrats on finishing a draft! I think your list sounds pretty good.


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