Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Own Adventure..An Adventurous Contest

Beth Revis has an adventure contest. Visit her site and check it out here!

I was thinking about my own adventure and I know I have a few at least. I do have four kids and a husband, I think I'm all adventured out. My choice to post this particular adventure comes from my own interpretation of what adventure means to me. I can't tell you I've climbed mountains, or helped in aiding the needy in some remote jungle. Or I can't tell you that I've crossed the seas or journeyed to undiscovered lands because well, I haven't. It's probably why I write fantasy fiction.

But that's okay.

I can honestly say I have an adventure everyday. I get up in the morning and am amazed at where my two year old daughter takes me while she begins her own road to discovery. When she goes outside and sees the landscape around her with her wide brown eyes I can see all the adventures I need there. Or as I sit at the dinner table and wait for my oldest, whose seventeen and working OMG, and have dinner as a family. I listen as both a mom and a writer and am able to take with me not only what they say, but what they feel through visual cues. I know when they are excited, or when something is wrong. I know when they are lying or when they are telling the truth. It is a great adventure to get through the day and know that tomorrow will bring something new.

 It always does.

And then I go to my writing and another adventure takes hold of me through my characters.

May seem simple, but it means the world to me.  Check out Beth's contest and let us know your own adventure.


  1. Great post! And good luck in Beth's contest. :)

    And as a mom to a spunky 2 y/o, I have to say that keeping up with him is an adventure in and of itself.

  2. this is such a great interpretation of adventure! I love how you've worded this. Good stuff!

  3. You're so right about life being an adventure. And a 2-year-old and a 17-year-old, wow, that's gotta be an adventure for sure. To see the world through a toddler's and a teen's eye is a precious gift. Enjoy your family. Children grow up so quickly -- and then another adventure begins! (smiles)

  4. All of life should be an adventure! I love how you've put it. And I just might have to enter this one...thinking about it anyway.


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