Monday, August 9, 2010

Finding inspiration

Jump start the mind and the desire to write through images of your own city, town or neighborhood.  I've posted some here that my son took while on an excursion trip through downtown Chicago.

That's him in the blue. 

Don't worry. This is not a real pile-up but the set of the new Transformers movie.

Looking at these, I know I should get out more.  Living is a good thing.
Don't forget to do it outside the pages of your book. 
There is a whole world out there yet to be discovered.

What or who around your neighborhood inspires you?


  1. How cool! We were just there last weekend celebrating my mom's 80th birthday. It is such a vibrant, living city.

  2. Hi Natalie,

    I agree, though I'm biased. I've never lived any where else. LOL.

  3. Chicago is on my list of cities I want to visit. Three of my siblings lived there and they all loved it. I actually prefer life in a small town and love the fact that I can walk from my house to 'town.' Great pics:)


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