Saturday, August 28, 2010

Behind the scenes

Here's a look at behind the scenes of my current
semi-completed fantasy WIP.

Monsters, monsters and more monsters.  I like to use visuals from books to magazines-- video games magazines as well as comics. The visuals are a great way to spark the imagination.  I add shorter ears, longer tail, spikes along the spine and...wham!   It's mine own creation.  Good idea if you, like me, never really went beyond drawing stick figures.


 Maps, maps and more maps. You gotta love 'em.  I wish I had a photographic memory. I don't. And so I use..visuals.  Maps help me get to where I'm going. Or my characters in this case.  It also helps to get a sense of direction, topography, weather, people, etc.  And you don't have to know how to draw a straight line. You will be the only one to see this. Magic Seeker's blog has a great link for maps. Check it out.

 Getting your hands on plans of buildings, ships and any mechanical devices also helps.  Though I would love to go to Europe to see, smell, and touch the great castles of old, I just can't do that right now.


During revisions I display as much of the items as I can.  I can just look up to get that feeling of being there again.  It helps.

What does your behind the scene action look like? 


  1. interestingly, a lot like yours, except I have a loose leaf notebook, or, I should say had. For all my previous tales I've had maps, drawn myself, floorplans of castles and palaces, distance charts, and more nores than I like to think of ranging from the actual history of my world to a who's who of the current inhabitants/creatures. My current tale is set in a real place so no maps needed but I did buy a bulletin board to keep track of stuff which has been very helpful. Love all your pics :)

  2. that was supposed to be notes, more notes than I like to think of.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! :-)

    I also have notebooks full of histories and ideas, books of ships and castles, and of course, maps! Of my cities, towns, islands, whatever I'm writing about. I drew a lovely map of my world on a large piece of fabric. I hope I don't need to redraw it on paper - it's too big to photocopy. :eek:

  4. Thanks for your comment Marcy.

    Oooo, Deb I like the fabric idea. A keepsake. My sister loves learning all about that stuff. I gave her your website. She just gotta sit down and do some of the stuff she wants to do. Research can only get you so far. LOL.

  5. Thanks! I *love* doing research, but BIC is the only thing that gets a novel finished. ;-)

  6. Mostly just me, standing in the shower, wondering how I'm going to stitch everything together. If that doesn't work, I lie in bed for an extra long time in the morning, hoping something will come into my head.

  7. LOL Deb, I had to think twice to figure out BIC.

    Thanks for your commment Elana.

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