Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bloggers United--Keeping true to myself

Our bloggers group at Inkwell suggested a post on a memory that gets us through the rough patches in writing.  A memory that holds us still in the moments when we  encounter doubt as writers, when things don't come out quite as planned and brings us down.  A memory where we can believe in ourselves again.

I was about twelve when my dad brought home a dinosaur of a typewriter-- a bright orange Reed that hummed louder than an idling Harley.  That dinosaur brought me order in a world of chaos.  It was typing on that marvelous piece of prehistoric equipment that kept me sane. 

I didn't write for anyone but me.  I didn't need someone to critique my work. I didn't need encouragement nor justification to write. It was just me and the words.

This is what holds me steady when I begin to question myself. It is what keeps me true to myself.

Would you like to share yours?


  1. Our house had a typewriter just like that one: just turning it on brought stares from people out on streets. And the thing would get stuck if the keys were struck too quickly. What a great sense of freedom, however, to have so young.

  2. i try to remember why i started writing in the first place. i was just going to write a fantasy novel for my teen boys. i had to repeat that a lot while i struggled thru numerous drafts. i have to tell myself that now as i work on a sequel. i'm writing this for me and my kids. no one else.

    glad i'm not writing on a typewriter.

  3. Thanks for your comments. I agree. There was a sense of freedom in using the typewriter. You couldn't go back and erase. But I do appreciate the computer. LOL. When I write I focus on one person I write for. It keeps me focused too.


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