Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Confess!

I am officially a Blog addict.  There are so MANY GREAT ONES!!! and I want to read them all. I really, really do.  And I find myself doing just that and then ZAP...I am TOASTED by all the things I'm suppose to do because time really doesn't stand still.  And so I have to regroup.  After venting to my sister, poor sweet sis, I know what I have to do...

I have to exercise more...really there is no other way to get fit and stay energized.  Trust me the magic pill does not work, I've tried it.

I have to eat right...yes the big twelve inch plate full of rice, beans and meat just got down sized to a 9 inch plate with veggies, carbs and protein.  More veggies than anything else...yum can't wait to try that.

I have to prioritize my schedule. Thirty minutes for internet--that includes writing groups, blogs and email.

Two hours writing. No not thinking about writing, but WRITING something.

Little kids (mine) in bed by 8pm so they can actually fall asleep by 9pm.

Big kids (mine too) well as long as they are in their rooms pretending to be asleep, I'm okay.

Husband, well as long as he is somewhere in the house pretending to be asleep, I'm okay.

One thing she (big sis) reminded me is that in the end, I need to MOTIVATE myself because no one is gonna do it for me.  So this is me, motivating myself.

How do you keep going?


  1. I think motivation is sometimes elusive. On days where I start to flag I tell myself that the effort I put into an activity will be worth it. Be it writing, going to the gym, eating a salad instead of chips.
    With writing I try to do a little everyday. Even if it's just thinking about scenes or writing down ideas.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean. For a while after I got involved with groups and blogs I found myself spending too much time with them and not enough time writing. I've had to limit myself now because all that networking and sharing isn't going to help me in the end unless I keep actually write something rather than comment on blogs and critique other people's work. My motto is, all things in moderation, except writing. write as much as you want :)

  3. Thanks Lindsay, I agree. I have to get the concept of "instant gratification" out of my mind. It doesn't exist.

    mshatch, I agree. I've learned loads through these online groups and communities but I realized that I have to set limits. I have to remain focused. Thanks for your comments! I know time is valuable.

  4. I so relate to what you are saying. It's hard doing it all-writing, working, blogging & reading blogs, family, and taking care of yourself. Some days when I'm tired, it feels overwhelming. Good days I think I can do it. The hardest thing is putting limits on reading all the great blogs out there.

  5. Le sigh. I need to spend more time writing, and less time reading blogs and trying to write something about them. As of Monday, the number of hours in my day will get much shorter. Prioritizing is so hard.

  6. You are so correct Natalie. Setting limits is key.

    And Deb, I have to remind myself that I too am a priority and work from there. I am a list person. And what makes me happy has to be at the top. For me--it's family and writing. It's okay to make YOU a priority. I think sometimes we forget.

  7. I totally understand. It is hard to focus on writing when there's blogging around, lol. And all the choirs in life.

    The best thing I've found for motivation is telling myself that one day that short story or novel will be read by others. It's hard to plan time to write, but it has to be done, right? And waiting for the time to do so, is the wrong way. You have to get your butt in that chair and produce the words, even if it's thirty minutes between this and thirty minutes between that.

  8. I agree. I've learned loads through these online groups and communities
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