Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reading for Sanity

When I send out queries I feel as if  I've lost a part of myself and can’t seem to find it. As the responses come trickling in, a sense of reality also seeps in. A reality I would like to hold at bay.

This is when I take a reprieve. What do I do? I read. I read like a mad woman. I read romance, fantasy, woman’s literature. I read anything I can get my hands on. Not only is reading a break from my reality, it makes me realize the potential I have of things to come. Reading something I enjoy gives me direction of what I would like to accomplish. It brings up that imaginary perfection bar that I strive for when I write. If it’s a work that is better than mine, I have a gauge I can use to better myself. If it’s something I could have written better, it gives me hope. And after the few weeks of reading, I feel I’m ready to jump back in and begin again.

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  1. I go on reading binges, too. For a couple of weeks I *can't* write, but the words come bubbling out eventually.


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