Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Developing "The Shell"

I apologize for the delay on the post. I was feeling under the weather; actually I was in sync with the weather. What is up with all this whiteness? I love snow, but for some reason I believe it should stop after Christmas. That’s just me.

I am working on the shell that I have to develop in order to get through this emotional rollercoaster ride of finding an agent. I’m sure you know the shell I’m speaking of. The one that tends to dissolve just after you hit that send button on your query, or hand over that package to the post office. It’s that shell that then strengthens, keeping you from attempting, like a mad woman, to rescind that email query, or stalk that postal worker into giving you the package back because the tightness in your stomach and the shivers down your spine are indicators of a horrible outcome.

Then dissolves when you do get a request, or even a phone call, from an agent and realize that you have forgotten every word that you have learned since infancy. Or, that you revert back to short monosyllabic words that generally only have meaning to toddlers...

Let’s get back to that shell. I find it helpful to know that new writers are blossoming every day and that others continue to aspire and continue to write, through ups and downs. It gives me hope that there is still sanity in the world.

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