Sunday, January 17, 2010

Multi-Tasking in Action

I’ve recently had an overload of possible plots for books. Where do I begin? I’m already working on WIP #2 and WIP #3 where could I fit all these possible works? Do I let them dwindle away to faded memories? Do I write only snippets of information in hopes that my memory could provide the rest when I’m finally done with the others to sit down and write them? I wish I could believe that my memory will hold, but it’s not likely. So, I read somewhere that a famous writer (please don’t ask who I can’t remember) kept different stories in different typewriters. He would continue the story he was most interested in when he was most interested in writing it. Thank heavens we’ve evolved to computers. I’ve decided to give this a try. Hopefully my aged mind will endure it and not explode. Wish me luck!

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