Sunday, December 6, 2009


I've completed the revision of the first three chapters of my first book!  Woohoo! 

During the revision and editing process, I was fortunate to find a dynamic group of individuals that decided to form a critique group.  There are five of us, each with a different set of expertise. Sometimes we don't agree, but we know that it is not our job to rewrite the other person's story, or so I hope. 

I have learned a lot through this journey.  I've learned that showing through dialogue is more effective than just telling.  I've learned how to correctly use comma's, though bare with me, I'm still learning.  I've learned about modifiers and paragraph structure.  I learned to look at my manuscript differently.  It is not easy.

I've reread On Writing by King; On Writing Well by Zinsser; The Curious Case of the Misplaced Modifier by Trenga; The Write Great Fiction Series: Description & Setting; Dialogue; Character, Emotion & Viewpoint; Plot & Structure; by Writers Digest. I've also read, of course, Elements of Style by Strunk & White and many others. 

Through all this, however, I forgot the simplicity of storytelling.  A fellow blogger, poet, and friend reminded me today on her post.  I'd like to invite you to read it and remind yourselves why you started this venture of writing.  I did.      Africa story telling...lost art?

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