Monday, November 9, 2009

A Simple Act of Kindness

As the holiday season approaches I feel a bit more joyful, a bit more giving.  For me it is a time of strength and a time of renewal. It is a time to seek out old friends and establish new ones.  It is a time to come together with those that have been dear to us and with those who have not.  It is a time to seek reverence and humility. 

It is also a time to reflect and give thanks.  Thanks for what we have attained, thanks for those who really matter in our lives--family.   However you define family, whether its through blood relation, or through rearing, whether its a close friend or one that has moved on, family is often what we think about when we gather in this time of joyous giving.

But remember, not all have been blessed with securities as we have.  There is still poverty, violence, racism, and oppression in all walks of life.  It is through these charitible moments that we can truly make a difference, not only in their lives, but in our own.  So I encourage you to think deeply about the meaning of family and take heart in knowing that whatever walk of life you find yourself in, you have been blessed.  And a simple act of kindness can make a world of difference.

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