Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just plain lazy

This past week has been a busy week.  From work (the one that pays the bills) to homelife, it has taken a toll.  Or perhaps I'm just lazy.  Nothings really changed afterall.  I'm still working both outside and inside the home. I'm still perusing through the internet keeping in touch with what's going on with my writer's circle and trying to keep abreast of things.  Actually, I think its borderline addiction, but thats another story.  But I haven't had the energy to edit my own work.  Okay, well I did a little, but after a while it seems as if I have written the awesomest, perfectist story. 

I really need a break. 

A fellow writer came up with an idea.  What about a beta reader?  I've heard of them a little and did a bit of research online and most suggest it can be a good thing.  Of course being who I am, I have to ask all sorts of questions before galloping into a new thing.  Guide to Literary agents wrote about it, and I found another article on expectations here.

I think this can be a good thing. 

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