Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Eye of the Beholder

In writing we need to chose our point-of-view (POV) deliberately and carefully. Who will be most affected by the scene? Who presents an interesting outlook to the story? There are many other factors that affect who we chose as our POV character(s). One thing seems to be the norm-- we should be consistent with this POV character throughout a scene. Our POV choice will ultimately guide our story. Take a specific time in your life, perhaps a traumatic time, perhaps an incident or even an argument and ask each family member what they remember of this same incident. I can bet you, that the stories you receive will be different from all of them. And so when thinking about whose POV to chose we need to be sure that it is the person that will reveal what we want the readers to know and feel.

POV will also affect descriptions. I bet your mother would describe you very differently than your children and than your husband. Be careful not to overdo the descriptions though. What seems to be a rule of thumb is that you can describe an object using three of your five senses. Click on POV and/or Descriptions for more information.


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