Monday, September 21, 2009

Never Give Up, Never Surrender

It is the way I felt when I started psyching myself up to begin submitting a completed manuscript for publication. I began with research. I wanted to learn all I could about other people's journeys and so I picked up tons of "How to" books. Did I mention I love research? That’s the easy part. It’s the doing that gets difficult. My dilemma at this point becomes the question of when to file (under my bed) my hard worked manuscript—the manuscript I labored fourteen months in perfecting, the one I had to write and rewrite and write again and finally find the nerve to show it to someone. Okay so it was family and okay they loved it, and did I mention I love research?

It helps to know that my favorite authors--Dean Koontz, Janet Evanovich, and even Stephen King were rejected and had some of their firsts filed under their beds, i.e. not published. Did I mention as well that misery loves company? And so my question remains--what is a good number of rejections to finally realize that I must move on so I can concentrate my energies on the other two manuscripts and short story I'm working on so as not to lose momentum. I looked on-line, blogs (there are tons of those); and websites to try and find the answer but none was given. I’m afraid that is one question we must answer for ourselves. Keep in mind, my accomplices in misery, that the craft of writing is a cherished one. It is one that we chose from our hearts and it is something that we must love. And so I have decided to submit manuscript number one to fifteen agents. I will submit in groups of three, receive feedback, clean up and tighten up what I can and resubmit. If or when number fifteen comes I will file my manuscript under my bed and move on with the next one. It is the only way I feel I will continue to learn and continue to spark my creativity with other projects I have in mind. Remember it is not about giving up or surrendering it is about letting go and moving on to bigger and better things.


  1. even if the fifteen agents do reject (I hope they do not do that), do not file it under the bed. Yes definitely move on for life really is impelled motion and we must continually keep moving with our creativity for it is the way we really connect with our inner being and become real humans! Wish you every success.

  2. Thanks Biola! I wish you many, many successes. We'll never give up!


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