Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Learned Craft

When I first started writing, a gazillion years ago, I thought writing was something that was inborn. Like the color of your eyes, the timbre of your voice, or even the shape of your head, writing was something that you were born with and something that you could not learn. A person's ability to create on paper or carry a melody or even dance was something that you were given no voice, no choice over and you just had it or you didn't. It was a flawed sense of reality for a teen, and I knew no better. Though the visions flowed easily from my mind which I transformed to words on paper, I kept them hidden. Perhaps because it was the most private moment I have ever had, for who could ever enter anothers mind and experience anothers reality?

When I finally decided to try to share my written world I was brought back to reality with a very nice post-it note that stated I needed help with dialogue. Well, I believed back then that perhaps I didn't have that "talent", perhaps I wasn't born with it and so I let it go. Well, I learned, as you can imagine, that writing is a craft that can indeed be learned. Dialogue, character building, descriptions, tone, setting, and even the dreaded grammar can all be learned; whether self-taught or in a formal setting, the ability to learn the craft is possible. Everyday I learn something new. I realized that although rejections are a huge part of this job, I will continue to write and I will continue to learn and I will continue to live.


  1. You seem to like Salvatore a lot! Care to let us 'sisters' in Africa know what this author did for you that he may do for us? Like your latest post about writing. Has a sense of connecting with people like me. I have been writing since Ii turned 17 and still have lots to learn. It is the beauty and fun of writing. Good luck and best wishes always

  2. Thanks for your comment Biola. I have never met R.A. Salvatore but I enjoy his work. I like fantasy/suspense and an occasional romance novel never hurt. Thanks again.


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