Sunday, September 27, 2009

Jumping Off My Platform


What is it? How do I get one?

It’s the business side of writing. It’s the “social networking” of our age; the gathering of communities; the intimacy of communications; the guiding principles of recognition. Okay, not really. Did anyone tell these people (agents/publishers) that we’re hermits? Okay, well perhaps I speak for myself---which I do of course. A platform consists of different avenues towards recognition. Getting out there and telling the world “I’m here!” Ideally it should be a reciprocal relationship with those of similar interests. That part doesn’t bother me, that part I get. And so I’ve begun my journey through Facebook and MySpace and the blogging world—that part was easy. The others I’ve listed below. I’m sure I’ve missed some that I just haven’t begun contemplating, yet.

On-line Writing Communities-- The thought of having to be critiqued by people I know nothing about, let alone people I can’t even hear or see, is mortifying. I feared posting my work because I wasn’t sure how I would stand against critiques and even more fearful of critiquing others. I realized two things—being critiqued by others I don’t know is easier than I thought and not everyone feels the same as I. I highly recommend it.

Writing Conferences—especially those with agents available to critique. I’m actually planning it but the idea of sitting in front of an agent for ten seconds to pitch my novel, which becomes virtually indescribable due to the mere thought (fright) of sitting in front of a live person, as they politely nod and offer short syllable responses while they listen to my rambling all the while coming to the inevitable conclusion that I’m nuts, becomes too much to bear. I have to build up enough nerve for that one. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

I really, really just want to retreat back into my mind and create stories and characters that will last a lifetime. That’s all. Paraphrasing the words spoken by director Peter Jackson in the Making of the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, when he said something to the effect of: pain is temporary and will be forgotten; the scene in a most memorable film, will last a lifetime. Okay, so I added some words to that statement but you get the point.

And so Platform is a good jumping off point towards recognition. I only ask that you be patient with mine. I am always learning.

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