Thursday, September 17, 2009

Encouragement of Self

There are twelve life areas we should consider:

*Health; Appearance; Family; Friends; Relationship; Fun; Home; Money; Career; Service; Personal Development; Spiritual Development

In its attainment it is important to focus on those areas that require immediate attention for they interact as well amongst each other. If you are not in a healthy state, then your career can be impacted and thus your money situation depleted and thus higher stress may impede your personal relationships, your home and development of self. And so you get the point. Although the true may not be in reverse. A person who is healthy may also not be afforded true wealth, relationships, career etc. And so as individuals we must maintain a balance and focus on how best to attain this balance. As I had mentioned 2009 was the year for me. I had a revelation, truth be told, a presentiment that I was going to die this year. Now, I am neither psychic nor pessimistic. I had a similar feeling in 2007 that I would win the lottery, didn’t happen. But nonetheless it got me thinking, and thinking hard I did. It was but a glimpse of what was absent in my life. I am in good health, I have a supportive family, a good home but there were other aspects of my life that needed tending. I longed for spiritual guidance that focused on peace. I was done with my chaotic life and I sought balance, which ultimately brought me here. I am still growing, still learning and have found some helpful information that I have shared below. I believe the journey towards peace is not a journey towards death, but a journey towards life. Please take what you need and develop your own path; it could never lead you astray.

*These twelve areas of life I obtained from Oprah Winfrey’s website, I think.

Creating a life plan:

A whole life plan Chapter 2:

Motivational elements toolkit:

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  1. essentially, the basic rule is to uderstand why you are here at all. It leads to trur freedom and defines your mission statement on terra firma. love your new post.


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