Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Books Read

My goal for number of books to read for 2009 is 100! Eighty-four more to go! I tend to become attached to specific authors' work, as you can tell by the countless Salvatore books I have read this year (see below). I found his work totally by accident and became hooked. I enjoy his fast paced writing style and action. However, after about ten books it seems to be the same and I had to give myself a rest. I do recommend his work of fantasy though. I also enjoyed Michaed Scott The Alchemyst. It too was a fun read and I have to thank my son for that one. I am currently reading the sequel, The Sorceress. The others, The Other Boleyn Girl and Shutter Island, were not "read" in the traditional sense but were heard. I love the portable audio book players. They are convenient and easily accessable at the local libraries, I love those too.

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