Sunday, September 6, 2009

Because We Are Women

“Because we are women.” That blank statements smacks me in the face every time I think of it. It seems to epitomize the fate of all women, as an excuse of our responsibilities and lack of self care. It is because we are women that drives us to nurture and care for our children, our homes, our husbands; it is because we are women that we rarely turn the other cheek or question all that has been bestowed upon us, not by our own choosing but by fate that we were born women.

From the early ages women have been shown to never question; never complain; always be mindful with your father, your husband, often lacking a sense of ownership for anything even that which truly lies in our hearts. It is through faith, discipline, hope and courage that we manage all that we must without complaint, for our voices will never be heard from any other than ourselves.

And yet we hold strong and vast.

We are strong willed and courageous; we are tender and rigid, and we eventually learn to grow, to stand in our own light and to realize finally, what is in our hearts, whatever it may be, we are worth so much more and every day we draw breath we mustn’t cast ourselves in shadow for every new dawn brings about a new experience for us. It is an opportunity to always better ourselves, to tinker on the brink of what is comfortable and what is not, what we stand for and what we are willing to tuck away for a later time for I believe that there has to be hope with despair; courage with cowardice; resilience with rigidity; and success with failure only… because we are women.

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